Board of Directors

We are proud to be led by an energetic board of prominent local business and civic leaders. These members provide substantial expertise, commitment and support in leading MNWBGC and JRBGC as one of the premier youth-serving agencies in the Thomasville-Thomas County and Cairo-Grady County area.

2021 Board of Directors

MNWBGC Officers

Dr. Amy Maison – Chair
Dominic Ford – Vice Chair
Whitney White – Secretary
George Rhodes – Treasurer

Quinn Choice
Marvin Dawson
Micah Elkins
Leny Garcia-Hill
Michael Hamil
Ka’Mya Haywood – Teen Representative
Mike House
Janet Liles
Marty Lutes
Andre Marria
Dr. Bravonda McCall
Laura Pike
Gary Pitts
Tom Shaw
Jennifer Sterzoy
Duane Treadon
Kevin Vick
Dr. Lisa Williams
Dr. Raymond Bryant
Chief John Letteney
Teri White

JRBGC Officers

Amy Hagan – Chair
Courtney Salapa King – Vice Chair
Cynthia Hall
– Secretary
Linda Drew-Johnson
– Treasurer

Austin Hobson
Charles Ferenchick
Teresa Hardy
Chris Lokey
Andrew Jones
Katie Higdon
Charles Renaud
Fergus Robinson
Arlisha Wildgoose
Cynthia Cotton-Jones
Trey Gainous
Julian Brown
Buddy Johnson
Michael Best
Brandon Joiner
Erikka Edwards
Sandy Reagan
Demario Byrden